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Komplett Ett - The table for easy living

A meeting place for different generations - with high standards of efficiency and beauty.

An elegant table that meets the highest demands for both durability and sustainability with regard to function, aesthetics, and from an ethical perspective.

The table is manufactured in Sweden with a high quality of execution by a skilled cabinet maker. A functional table - in a timeless design - with excellent storage properties.

We all have special items in our homes - everyday items, occasional items, knick knacks and keepsakes. Sometimes we keep them on display but often they are hidden away in shelves and cupboards. Sometimes we want to keep them at hand without getting in the way. Komplett Ett helps you keep your favourite things close by, as well as adding an elegant touch to your home.

The table is small and petite but taller than the usual coffee table. Arrange this beautiful piece of furniture together with your sofa or arm chairs and easily set the table for your afternoon coffee, a chilled glass of wine or perhaps a cold beer.

The table has a drawer which can be pulled out from two directions to house your favourite things.

Komplett Ett, with its clean lines and timeless design, is designed and constructed to age with grace and be passed on to people you care about.

The table is made of carefully selected hardwood and manufactured by skilled artisans. The end result is a well-designed table with high quality materials and execution. It will age gracefully and keep for generations to come.

The table top is reversible as well as replaceable so you can easily change your table’s appearance. You might want to adapt your table to your home decor or simply change looks now and then for variety and your own enjoyment. Future generations might wish to add their own touch to this beautiful inherited piece and make it their own.

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